underfunded childhood

I miss isohunt so much I wanna host a fundraiser

and everyone will come over to my house for lemonade and cookies

We will ask julian assange to talk about the importance of internet privateering and the

special role it has for the free porn industry

zizek will laughherinnering-koken-mama

everything’s a farce nowadays


I miss your mum’s cooking and the way she smelled in summer

I can do nothing else but picture her in a kitchen

making dinner for three excluding me

nurturing you to health after a day of excessive smoke


I miss those documentaries about sartre and descartes

the fact that I was too young to understand

and still am

the stoned looks on your face

jerking of 2 tokyo hotel

in the privacy of mtv


puberty in a century of transgender confusion

a ladyboy on that url a couple of days ago



amongst other things

Sander Dierick is al veel te lang bezig met poëzie. Als hij niet schrijft, militeert hij als marxist en schrijft artikels voor De Linkse Socialist, het maandblad van de Links Socialistische Partij.

Illustratie © Shereen Alheidary

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